The company is totally committed to the high quality standards for the products since inception. Clinker as well as the cement produced conforms, with liberal margins to the relevant internationals standards American (ASTM), British (BS), European (EN) etc as well as national SASO standards. The cement has the accredited quality mark of SASO. The organization has a well established quality system for all its activities and is certified ISO 9001:2000 awarded by M/s RWTUV, Germany.
The raw materials is analyzed continuously as it passes through three dedicated automatic on-line bulk analyzers, fully integrated to the plant control system. The ground raw meal is regularly sampled and analyzed with state-0f-artonl-line XRF analyzer with an integrated XRD through robotic lab, where all the relevant activities are performed by an on-line robot. Additionally, three dedicated XRF analyzers are used for regular analysis of other in-process samples, clinker, cement etc. the chemical and physical testing of cement is carried out using the most modern instruments and equipments with PC interface, with tractability to international standers, thus ensuring excellent quality as well as consistency for the products.

The EPCC plant is operating within the pollution emission limits fixed by the Saudi regulations. Ten Electrostatic Precipitators, (ESPs), two Gravel Bed filters and numerous bag dust collectors are installed at different locations of the plant to ensure proper dust collection and provide highly clean environment. Even in quarries back land filling is routine to avoid spoiling of the landscape and local vegetation.

The fuel for the Raw Mills and Kilns is normally low sulfur sweet natural gas (A-120) from Aramco Gas and Oil Separation Plant. This gas is pumped in from Jubail through a 52 kms 16-inch dia pipeline built and owned by EPCC. The electrical power is supplied by SEC a 115KV line. 

Integrated and inter connected computer systems monitor, supervise and control clinker bulk and bag cement dispatches. Invoicing is done automatically by these dedicated systems. The plant has a loading capacity of:

  • 800 tons/hour of Clinker.
  • 800 tons/hour of Bulk Cement .
  • 400 tons/hour of Bag Cement.