Clinker is burned in three numbers identical rotary kilns, each one having a dia 4.6 meter and 70 meter length with a capacity of 3500 tons/day. The two kilns are equipped with a four stage cyclone pre-heater, on-line pre-calciner, three stage hydraulic grate cooler separate Tertiary Air Duct (TAD) and a 20% By Pass System. And a new Kiln is of latest designed with 5 stage preheater with on line precalciner, two stage grate cooler, separate Tertiary Air Duct (TAD) and a 20% bypass system. All the above three kilns are operated on natural gas. 

In order to protect the quality, clinker from cooler is transported and stored in five concrete Silos, four silos are having a storage capacity of 40,000 M Tons and 5th one is having the storage capacity of 70,000 tons.